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  • Spring Cutback Volunteer Spotlight: Alfredo Taylor-White

    Our annual Spring Cutback wouldn't be possible without the hard work and dedication of our horticulture volunteers and gardeners, who help trim back more than 110,000 plants along our 1.5-mile-long park. Meet High Line volunteer Alfredo Taylor-White, who is participating in Spring Cutback for ... read more
  • ​Participate in Spring Cutback 2017

    In keeping with planting designer Piet Oudolf's vision, High Line plants are not trimmed back at the onset of cold weather as they are in most gardens. When spring arrives, the plants must be trimmed back to make way for new growth. During this monumental horticultural effort, called Spring Cu... read more
  • Q&A with Spring Cutback Volunteer Bridget Gramling

    Before the onset of spring, our High Line gardeners and volunteers begin to work vigorously on trimming back textured grasses and perennials to make way for new growth along our 1.5-mile-long park. February 29 marked the first day of this monumental task, called Spring Cutback. And with the co... read more
  • Participate in 2015 spring cutback list image

    Participate in Spring Cutback

    Photo by Liz Ligon In keeping with planting designer Piet Oudolf’s vision, High Line plants are not trimmed back at the onset of cold weather as they are in most gardens. Instead, the textured grasses, skeletal plant stalks, and dried seed heads define the High Line’s winter landscap... read more
  • Photo essay under the high line list image

    Photo Essay: Under the High Line

    All photos by Mike TschappatAs a staff member of Friends of the High Line, I feel like I’m often focused solely on what’s going on in the park: plants, food, visitors, public programs, etc. But the most exciting and interesting feature of the structure itself is arguably its elevated nature. This... read more
  • 2014 year in photos list image

    2014: The Year in Photos

    We've gathered together some of our favorite images and stories from this groundbreaking year. We hope you enjoy them. This has been a momentous year for the High Line, thanks to you. From all of us at Friends of the High Line, we wish you the very best in 2015! Remember Snowpocalypse? ... read more
  • Volunteer for the 2015 snow team list image

    Volunteer for the 2015 Snow Team

    Photo by Friends of the High Line Would you like to help us clear the park's walkways following winter storms? Sign up to join the 2015 Snow Team.After snowstorms the High Line is a magical place, and Friends of the High Line works quickly to remove the snow and ice from the paths an... read more
  • Helping to Restore a Community Garden

    Local gardener Tari Stubblefield surveys the restored community garden. Photo by Liz Ligon This past April, High Line horticultural staff, volunteers, and teens in our Green Corps program helped local gardener Tari Stubblefield restore a garden at the Fulton Houses in Chelsea. The ... read more
  • Spring Cutback 2014 Is Complete!

    New York City Department of Parks and Recreation Borough Commissioner Bill Castro shears a tall patch of grass to cheers from Executive Director Jenny Gersten, Borough President Gale Brewer, and volunteers. The Borough Commissioner and Borough President stopped by on Wednesday to mark the officia... read more
  • Week Three of Spring Cutback

    On Monday, more than 20 volunteers came out to help the High Line Gardeners tackle the densely planted Chelsea Grasslands. Photo by Mike Tschappat  We're approaching the end of Spring Cutback, an annual endeavor to trim back more than 100,000 plants along the High Line to make room for ne... read more